Please read the following Terms and Conditions before requesting your new blog design.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all designs created under the name VK DESIGN COMPANY.
By entering VK DESIGN COMPANY'S Design Line, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Design Process
The Design Process begins when VK DESIGN COMPANY starts creating the FIRST design for a client. VK DESIGN COMPANY reserves the right to decide what item is created first (i.e. banner, background, signature, etc.). Once one or more items are created (or far enough along to be deemed "created"), VK DESIGN COMPANY will upload the design(s) onto a test blog for the client. VK DESIGN COMPANY will contact the client with the test blog url when the first design(s) are uploaded. It is requested that the client respond with feedback on the uploaded design(s) within 48 hours. The quicker the responses, the quicker the Design Process. All designs in the Design Process are subject to the Custom Design Policy.

Premade Design Policy
All design sold as "Premade" are sold as-is with only the tweaks expressed in the Premade Design's description (i.e. title change for Premade Banners, etc.) included. Any other changes/tweaks/additions will be charged at regular price. VK DESIGN COMPANY reserves the right to determine what changes are deemed "included".

Custom Design Policy
It is important and extremely helpful for the client to express his/her desires for his/her new designs BEFORE the Design Process begins. Colors, images, style, layout, and design items should be chosen in advance. VK DESIGN COMPANY is happy to assist the client in choosing elements for the design, but will not "try out" several different designs before committing to a final design. If the client expresses a clear design plan (by way of explanation, drawing, sending of links or images, etc.), the design will be created as accurately as possible.

A deposit of 50% of the order total is required for all orders of $150 or more before VK DESIGN COMPANY starts work on that order. Any order under $150 must be paid in full before work begins. Should the client decide to change the design plan after one or more designs have been created (or are far enough in the Design Process to be deemed "created" by VK DESIGN COMPANY), the client has two choices for action:
1. Reject the "created" design(s), paying 1/2 of the regular price for said design(s) (client DOES NOT receive the files or installation of rejected designs)
2. Accept the "created" design(s), paying full price for said design(s) (client receives the files for installation or can request installation of the designs).
Should the client choose to accept the "created" design(s) he/she may opt to have new designs created (which are subject to the same policy) or choose to exit the Design Process with VK DESIGN COMPANY. VK DESIGN COMPANY reserves the right to re-sell any "rejected" designs without permission from the original client who rejected the design.
**Custom Illustration (such as caricatures, objects, animals, etc.) are not subject to the above policy. Once a Custom Illustration is begun, the client is responsible for the full cost of the illustration as originally quoted by VK Design Company.

All pricing is subject to change at any time without notice. A spot on the Design Line does not guarantee any pricing. Design prices posted on the Pricing Page of the VK DESIGN COMPANY website include the creation of the design item and NOT any image(s) that need to be purchased for the design from a stock image site (such as The cost of any image(s) that need to be purchased for a design will be added to the client's total. VK DESIGN COMPANY will not purchase any images without expressed consent by the client.

All design prices posted on the Pricing Page of the VK DESIGN COMPANY website include the installation of the design.

Post-Installation Policy
VK DESIGN COMPANY creates and installs a client's items based on the specifications of the platform/company that the client states he/she is using/will use for his/her designs (for web or print). VK DESIGN COMPANY is not resposible for any platform/company specification changes and will not issue any refunds if such changes result in poor perfomance/loss of designs.
*For instance, should Blogger stop accepting sidebar title images for the Profile Gadget, a client who previously purchased a sidebar title image for his/her Profile Gadget will not be refunded the cost of the item. Should the client choose to add extra elements to his/her design(s) after the design(s) have been installed, he/she might not need to wait in the Design Line for such additions. See the "Squeeze-You-In" Policy for details.

Design Line
Prospective clients who contact VK DESIGN COMPANY with design requests are placed on the Design Line in the order they contacted VK DESIGN COMPANY. A list of the Design Line can be seen at Some design requests do not require that the client wait in line. For a list of exceptions, see the "Squeeze-You-In" Policy.
When a client's turn is approaching in the Design Line, VK DESIGN COMPANY will contact the client via email. A response is expected within three (3) business days. Should the client not respond to the contact email within three business days, her spot in line will be forfeited and VK DESIGN COMPANY will move on to the next client in the Design Line.

"Squeeze-You-In" Policy
Some design requests do not require that the client wait in the Design Line. These requests include (but are not limited to): *Small additions/tweaks to a current design (including, but not limited to: blog signature, sidebar title images, watermark, etc.). *Print items to coordinate with existing design (i.e. mugs, totebags, business cards, etc.) *Small individual items for new clients, such as: blog signature, Favicon, etc. VK DESIGN COMPANY reserves the right to decide if it is necessary for a client to wait in the Design Line.

These Terms and Conditions are Subject to change without notice.

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